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«Moskovskaya pravda»

«Moskovskaya pravda» comes out daily and focuses on current events in Moscow. The readership include common people and Moscow officials, their age varies from 10 to 100. 15 special issues are dedicated to social, business, culture, sport life of Moscow.

«Moskovskaya pravda» being a unique edition, is owned by a closed stock company of journalists and regular contributes who write, edit and publish «Moskovskaya pravda»

It is distributed in Moscow as well as all over the RF and abroad with the daily circulation up to 300.000 copies.

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«Moskovskaya pravda» IPAD app

Our daily newspaper follows new trends. That`s why we have «Moskovskaya pravda» Ipad app, our group in the Vkontakte.ru (www.vk.com/club28173224) and a blog in the Twitter (www.twitter.com/#!/Mos_pravda"). «Moskovskaya pravda» Ipad app includes 6 sections. They are: the front page, politics/economics, sports/health, science/education, culture/performance, current developments.

Every section has two types of articles: - 1) news and 2) the authors articles. The authors articles contain images.

The group in the Vkontakte.ru contains discussions, event photos, important document and the news.

The Twitter blog includes news links, readers lists, readers links and comments.

Advertising in Moskovskaya pravda

Moskovskaya Pravda Russian-languge daily newspaper published in Moscow since 1918 at all times.

Moskovskaya Pravda first of all focuses on current events in Moscow and Moscow region, covering different events in Russia and abroad.

Moskovskaya pravda is an excellent way for advertisers to reach Moscow citizens and guests.

Advertising rates

Display Advertisements

Each page is divided into 8 squares. The cost of an advertisement depends on its size according to the number of squares it occupies. Squares in daily black&white A2 issue are priced as follows:

1 square (45×33 mm – 1/128) 3200 RUR
2 squares (45×67 mm – 1/64) 6500 RUR
3 squares (94×67 mm – 1/32) 11000 RUR
4 squares (94×136 mm – 1/16) 20000 RUR
6 squares (193×136 mm – 1/8) 39000 RUR
8 squares (193×273 mm – quarto page) 72000 RUR
9 squares (390×273 mm - half page) 120000 RUR
10 squares (390×550 mm - full page) 210000 RUR

+VAT 18%

Special placements

Special placement ads (ads in color Friday A3 issue, A3 format –285x410 mm) are in discount 30% from above prices.

Special placement ads (ads on a specific page) are an additional 30%.


Advertising materials must be submitted at least 3 working days prior to publication.


Advance payment in rubles should be made by bank transfer at the official exchange rate + 2%, or in cash.

Obligatory text

If the services of your company are subject to obligatory licensing, the number of the license and the body it has been issued by should be mentioned in the text of your advertisement. If your product requires certification, the advertisement's text must contain a customer warning to that effect.

Technical requirements


· Adobe Illustrator 10.0 (EPS), Adobe Photoshop (TIFF)

· All fonts used in the ad must be supplied

· All images, logos, etc. must be supplied in EPS or TIFF formats at a resolution of 300 dpi

· Full text blocks must be supplied in MS Word format.


If you are unsure of how to translate or write a text in Russian, we offer the services of our copy editors. Texts may be sent by e-mail: kuzmina@mospravda.ru

All prices indicated are VAT exclusive (VAT 18%).

Обратная связь

Редакция: +7 499 259-82-33

Справки по письмам: +7 499 259-61-05


Факс: +7 499 259-63-60

Электронная почта: newspaper@mospravda.ru

© 2005—2011 «Московская правда»

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